Why 300 meals?

We are the summer caretakers on Deal Island, Kent Group, Tasmania for the next three months.  The island is in the middle of the Bass Straight, which lies between mainland Australia and Tasmania, 30 miles from land.
View Larger Map There is no food store nearby and planning our meals was no small endeavor. Here I will discuss, in agonizing detail, our food.   Its purchase, preservation, preparation and consumption. Cooking and eating takes up at least one third of my day. In the end, we hope to get about 300 meals from our ingredients on hand to last 3+ months.  Here’s how it began.

This is the pantry day one.  It seems we have tons of coffee and jam.  What was I thinking?

On the other hand, we may not (probably don’t) have enough alcohol, so I plan to brew two batches of beer.

We brought very little fresh produce or dairy products.  Only butter, cheese, eggs, apples and oranges.  We will make our yogurt and bread.

The real question will be what will we run out of before we leave.  If I have too much of something, I am sure we can find some way to cook it, eat and share it.

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