Winners and losers

I am losing the battle at the moment with some vermin in the garden. They cleaned out the rest of the corn. At least we got to eat about five delicious ears ourselves. I am contriving all sorts of traps and bait. I think I saw a rat scurry along the border of the garden and I have seen possum poo so, Houston, we have a problem. I have a live trap, bait traps, buckets with enticements over water but alas no prey. So far, the damage has only been to the corn and perhaps a few cherry tomatoes. Tim is going to get involved with trap building today so my fingers are crossed.

On the plus side, I continue to master the art of pizza baking. Even without my pizza oven from home, I am whipping up some delicious pies, if I do say so myself. Yesterday I roast a leg of lamb, and it may have been our best meal yet. Supplies seem to be holding up well. I was miscounting our powdered milk and thought we might have a problem, I even gave up drinking hot cocoa at night, but Tim took a look and found 3 packages I had missed. Phew.

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