Today we ate cake

It’s my birthday party. I baked a cake from scratch, Tim made dinner (leftover pulled pork, green beans and mashed potatoes) and we drank our first bottle of wine. A good time was had by all.

We traded a fresh loaf of bread and some zucchini (haha) for powdered milk and sugar with a group of boaters.

Tonight I’ll curry some lamb and find more fresh veggies in the garden. The green beans have been harvested and I worked some soil for new plantings.

My arugula and broccoli seedlings are doing well. I’m waiting for the carrots and silverbeet to pop their little heads up. Beets are sprouting in an egg crate.

I feel a responsibility to add to the garden for the winter caretakers. Last week’s gale blew salt water into the garden and damaged some of the climbing plants. The cherry tomatoes I eat for snacks while I garden were already salted. Not a good sign!

The saga of bread, yoghurt, and ginger ale carries on. I’ve had a few yogurt fails and then call it buttermilk.

We’ve made a dent in flour, sugar and milk but for some reason, I bought way too much jam. So last night there were strawberry preserves in the cake filling.

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