Just like home

New York bagels for breakfast, tomatoes on an Adirondack chair (with the Australian flag in the background?) and oh noooo. More zucchini flowers!!

I made a zucchini cake yesterday by adapting a carrot cake recipe and it was delicious. Then I found another huge zucchini in the garden. We have cold rainy weather so yesterday I made two soups. One was chard, sausage, potato and onion with the chicken stock I made. I had it for lunch with cheddar cheese and it was delicious. Bagel for breakfast obviously. I also made another tomato soup as the plants show no sign of slowing down.I read that you can freeze tomatoes whole if you plan to cook with them, so I threw a few in the freezer. Dinner was a replay of broiled lamb, green beans and mashed potatoes with a tomato, cucumber, arugula salad. Hope the rain and wind quiet down so I can take long walks to burn this off. With all the rain, it looks like we’ll be doing some lawn mowing soon.

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