Back to feasting

Things looked up for me yesterday and I returned to the kitchen. I cut up a chicken and made shake and bake from scratch. Too easy and finger licking good. I mixed some flour, salt, pepper, fresh thyme, sage, and chili powder in a plastic bag, shook it up with the chicken pieces, melted some butter in a roasting pan and baked them for 40 minutes, turning them once.

And now on to this artisan bread. The recipe is from the five minute artisan bread website from Mother Earth. It’s a lot like the no knead bread from the NY Times except you make enough for four loaves and cut off dough as you “need” it. Hehe. Yesterday morning I cut off a hunk, shaped it and let it rise, slashed the top and baked it and we had it for breakfast. Then for lunch I used a smaller piece to make lovely naan. I am sold. You just mix flour, yeast, salt and water in a bowl, let it rise at room temp, then refrigerate it for up to two weeks. Go to bread.

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