A tea and toast day

A tried and true remedy for stomach ailments. I think I may have contracted food poisoning at the barbecue. I was persuaded to eat, against my better judgement, I blanched wild succulent one of the attendees brought. I should have stuck to my zucchini bake. Tim has a stomach of steel and didn’t suffer one bit. Usually one of the best things about island living is staying healthy because we are isolated from germs. Not this time. So I took it easy today and reviewed my food practices and grilled Tim about the water he uses to make our powdered milk. All seem fine so, no more shared meals.

Earlier yesterday, I ate and cooked. I made French toast and bacon for breakfast with fresh orange slices and Canadian maple syrup. Lunch was leftover soup and stir fry and dinner was leftover steak mixed into a warm tossed green salad. I had some dumpling dough leftover the other day and threw a couple of apples into them and cooked them up last night. They were pretty good and not the culprit.

Today I have had tea, tea, toast with jam, muffin with honey. I am still pondering my appetite for dinner. I did make a batch of “artisan bread dough”. It is a lot like the no knead dough, wet, no kneading, except you make a batch and refrigerate the dough. On baking day, remove a lump of dough, shape it, bake it and enjoy. That’s tomorrow’s toast.

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