When you have pumpkins

Make pumpkin puree, roast pumpkins, pumpkin soup, etc. The garden is loaded with pumpkins. So far I have made pumpkin soup and a pumpkin pie. The pie was delicious and I look forward to more of these. I may have to peel them better to avoid those green specks.


I had a busy cooking day on Saturday (we’re 16 hours ahead of NY so it’s already Monday here). Today we reap the benefits. I made the dough for my usual white bread in the bread maker, too easy, then shaped it into a loaf and baked it. I think it’s the best I ever made. I added milk to the yogurt I had already made and started another batch from that. The Easy Yo yogurt maker is basically a thermos. You put the yogurt starter in a container and pour boiling water into the thermos. You then insert the yogurt container, which is elevated and only has the hot water along its sides. No need to keep checking the temperature and since I am using powdered milk, I don’t have to sterilize the milk first.

I had an easy day on Sunday. Poached egg and toast for breakfast. Chicken salad and lamb sandwich for lunch and pasta with tomato sauce and sausage for dinner with fresh salad. We better keep working hard to burn off these calories. Today I’ll make chicken soup and pork loin in the slow cooker. And I’ll eek out a space to plant some seeds, at least basil and arugula for now.

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