Provisioning for another 270 or so meals

Hopefully it’s a little easier to provision for three months on a remote island the third time around. I have old lists I “simply” need to revise. Happily I can use Walker’s supermarket on Flinders Island to provide my groceries. They have always been outstanding and we correspond by email.  This time they noticed some items I had left out.

Our eating habits have changed over the years, less sweets and carbs, and I have to adjust for that. I hear the garden on Deal Island is overrun with tomatoes so that will be fun again. I’ll buy seeds while we are in Tasmania for my planting.

We had to find a new butcher in Tasmania. I was able to call and email and ordered my meat, 40 kgs?!!!, which was frozen and shipped by freight boat to Flinders Island. Now it sits in the ranger’s freezer awaiting us.

So we’ll see how we do. We’ll probably buy a beer kit and are debating whether or not to bring any wine. I am advocating for 5 bottles, one for each month and for each of our birthdays. We’ll see. Here is what our pantry and fridge looked like in 2015.

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