Taking stock

What I can report is the Culturelle yogurt is replicating beautifully. It’s almost foolproof and makes a creamy batch of yogurt every time. I’m still working off the first capsule so it’s also very economical. You just need milk.

I tried a batch of raisin bars. I was shooting for fig newtons or a flat raisin bar but it came out more cakey. Ah well. Back to the drawing board.

I’ve been cooking with cabbage. We were left a head by the last group of visitors and it is ready to harvest from the garden. I made my first ever stuffed cabbage rolls, and they were delicious. I had some frozen tomato soup from earlier, and leftover brown rice to use in the stuffing. I’ll definitely add this to my repertoire.

Last night I added cabbage to a sausage sauce I made for pasta and it was delicious. I’ve been a cole slaw gal until now. Now I’ll be tossing cabbage into a lot of dishes the next few weeks.

I also tried to make potato rolls for hamburger buns. I used a recipe I received in my email from Cooks Illustrated. They didn’t come out as light as I expected but held a tuna sandwich pretty well yesterday. First you make mashed potatoes and it is the primary wet ingredient in the bread dough, plus an egg and a little water. Interesting.

The garden may recover. The spinach was yanked out by its roots, the arugula wilted from the sea spray, the tomatoes died and I lost a couple of pea plants. But overall, the windbreak helped protect it from much worse damage during the 90 mph winds. I’ve replanted spinach, arugula, and mustard greens. Oddly enough, several green bean plants I thought were post-menopausal seemed to love the storm and have some new flowers blossoming. Go figure.20150517-181250.jpg20150517-181323.jpg

I winged a recipe for seed tapioca when the internet was down. Seed tapioca is made from sago and apparently may benefit from pre-soaking or at least more water. I also tried to make it without eggs as we are down to our last two dozen. So it came out very thick with a little crunch. But it was still tasty.

I tried a recipe for potatoes cooked in vinegar and then fried in butter and salt. It was too acidic for young Tim. But we like salt and vinegar potato chips so why not?

I think our stores are holding up well. We have too much jam and brown rice. There were a lot of condiments left here when we arrived so I haven’t even opened some of mine. And the meat stores seem fine. Feeling good.

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