Meals 175 – 186, including Mother’s Day dessert for dinner

And the storm blows on. It calls for warm, hearty food. I continue to make yogurt from the Culturelle, probiotic starter, and it just keeps getting better, thick and creamy. I used some to make a batch of ice cream from the Friends of Deal Island Lighthouse cookbook. I could live off the recipes in this cookbook. The ice cream doesn’t need any special equipment and I enhanced it with strawberry jam and chocolate chips.

I made a batch of ricotta from the book for cheese blintzes. I scalded 2 liters of powdered milk, added about 1/6 cup of lemon juice, let it sit for 20 minutes, then drained off the whey. It was yummy and worked beautifully as filling for the blintzes. I see calzones in Tim’s future.

Saturday, May 9: the usual for breakfast. Pizza for lunch and sausage with chick peas and kale, with angel hair pasta for dinner with ice cream for dessert.

Sunday, May 10: steak and eggs with toast, yellow pea soup, cheese blintzes with fresh ricotta and apples sauteed in butter, brown sugar and cinnamon.

Monday, May 11: the gale continues. We had the usual for breakfast, I made a batch of bagels, no-knead bread and cream cheese from yogurt. I scooped some yogurt into a tea towel and let it drain for about an hour. Lunch was leftover sausage and kale. Dinner was pork chops cooked with apples and onions ( maybe substituting apple cider vinegar for apple cider took things too far), with couscous salad. Tim had ice cream for dessert.

Tuesday, May 12: should be the last day of the gale and we had 70 knot winds and a tree fell down in the compound and just missed the water tank. We had bagels and cream cheese and yogurt for breakfast. I had pizza for lunch, Tim finished the pork chops. For dinner we had chicken tikka masala with brown rice and peas. Tim finished the ice cream.


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