Whoops, nearly a week of meals, meals 157 – 174

And I haven’t caught any rabbits since my last post.
The most interesting and delicious things I made during this time were toffee, potato chips, rice pudding, apple pie and a whole bunch of chicken. Plus a few loaves of bread and yogurt made from a Culturelle capsule. We’ve had stormy weather for the past five days, with more to come. Winds in excess of 50 knots are wreaking havoc with my garden. It doesn’t look like we’ll be feasting on arugula for the rest of our stay and some of the green beans have been damaged by sea salt. Time will tell. I’ve set up barriers as best I can. The broccoli has started to produce and I prop it back up when it falls over.


So where to begin? When I thought we might run out of yogurt packets if I didn’t perfect making more yogurt from an existing batch, the thought struck me that I might be able to use Culturelle. 20150508-211847.jpgI recommend it to patients when they need to replenish “good” bacteria, lactobacillus acidophilus, after antibiotics or as a boost. Yogurt contains some live cultures but Culturelle contains more. So I gave it a shot. I wrote about it here.

I made a batch of “toffee” because we received some leftover saltine crackers from the last group of visitors. So easy. I make 1/2 recipe, because I knew we would devour the whole thing.


I make potato chips at home in the microwave with a special mandolin and silicon sheet. Here I used a vegetable peeler and a plastic cake plate with ridges and it worked.

So what did we eat?

Sunday, May 3: the usual for breakfast; I finished the rabbit for lunch; dinner was grilled lamb, peas and frozen gnocchi, and chocolate cake.

Monday , May 4: the usual; tomato soup for lunch; hamburgers, carrot -raisin salad, green peas, green salad, and rice pudding for dessert. I made two loaves of bread.

Tuesday, May 5, the day the gale began with 50 knot winds: oatmeal with nuts and raisins for breakfast; tomato soup and grilled cheese for lunch; and angel hair pasta with meat sauce, salad, and apple pie. I made toffee during the day.

Wednesday, May 6, the gale and rain continues: poached egg and toast for breakfast; BLT and tomato soup for lunch with potato chips; br />
20150509-174644.jpgand grilled chicken with salad, peas, beetroot, and apple pie for dessert. I did not cook but saved the chicken breasts for the next meal and made stock with the rest.

Thursday, May 7, the wind is still blowing: oatmeal for breakfast; chicken soup for lunch with toffee; and chicken Parmesan with pasta, spinach salad, apple pie for Tim and rice pudding for me.

Friday, May 8, still stormy and windy: French toast; chicken soup and leftovers; grilled steak, salad, roasted potatoes, roasted tomatoes ( I finally have one small bowl of tomatoes left),and we finished the apple pie.<

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