148 – 156, why diet diaries fail

Diet diaries typically underreport what you eat. So do I. I don’t write down the meals as we eat them, cannot rely on internet every day, and have to rely in my recollection. So the meals accumulate. Bound to have problems. I am sure I have missed at least a day.

Things we eat and I don’t always report: We have at least one square of dark chocolate every day; we often have morning tea, or a coffee break, accompanied by a snack – scones, donuts, cookies, pie; we snack on roasted cashews most days; I munch on granola while I cook. The calories add up.

So what do I remember we ate the last three days? Let’s see.

My yogurt has been outstanding and we had “the usual” with toast, and canned peaches on Thursday.

My morning was traumatic because I trapped rabbits and field dressed and brined one of them. I actually found an excellent Australian video that showed me exactly what to do. I trained as a surgeon, so I am OK with it, but usually didn’t have to skin my patients.

I was in mild shock, so I don’t remember what we had for lunch.

Dinner was grilled pork chops, marinated in apricot jam and mustard, cole slaw, applesauce and a begetable medley – steamed carrots, green beans and radishes. Dessert was creme brulee, sans the caramel crust, so it was really a custard. Sometime during the day, I made a batch of scones for our underreported snacks.

Friday we had the usual for breakfast. Lunch was pizza with chicken, sun dried tomatoes, feta, mozzarella and parmesan. Yum.


Dinner was rabbit cacciatore. 20150502-080106.jpg

The rabbit was much easier to work with once it looked like a chicken. It was good. Tim was too skeeved to real enjoy it and kept referring to it as bunny so you can see how that went. I found the recipe from Lidia’s website. We had a green salad and beans and more custard for dessert.

Saturday was truly our first day alone because our last visitors weighed anchor in the morning.

I made two loaves of bread, a batch of yogurt and ginger beer. In the afternoon, I baked a chocolate cake with problems. I have generally been cutting cake recipes in half because a full cake would (should) get old before we could finish it. I think I miscalculated the butter, so it turned out like a crumbled, but delicious brownie. I decided not to waste more butter or icing sugar on a frosting.

Breakfast was the usual. Lunch was leftovers, fried tofu, garlic roasted potatoes, chicken sandwich and coleslaw. Dinner was easy peasey. Tim requested eggs, easy over, bacon and fresh toast. We had the crumbled chocolate cake for dessert. And that’s three days, to the best of my recollection.

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