Meals 142 – 147


We said goodbye to the working bee at sunrise . James on the Strait Lady arrived to pick them up with a box of …..OMG…tomatoes for us! He also brought kale, banana passion fruit, which reminds me of a pomegranate – a little pulp around a big seed -, lettuce seedlings for the garden and either shallots or garlic to plant. Also jerusalem artichokes, which I have never had, but one of the bees said it’s also known as fartichoke so I’m a tad reluctant.

We got to glean as the bees packed up the visitor house. Some lettuce, chile sauce, hummus and crackers. No tomatoes.

We worked on the lighthouse road and had a picnic lunch.

So we had the usual for breakfast with english muffins, i had PB&J on country, no knead bread, Tim had chicken, we both had an apple and chocolate.

Dinner wad fried tofu with peanut sauce, egg rolls with previously gleaned rice wraps, chicken, silverbeet and chile sauce, basmati rice and a salad. Tim had self saucing pudding for dessert. I had hot chocolate.

Today we worked around the compound and had lunch at home.
Breakfast was the usual with english muffin and country bread. Lunch was lasagna, hummus, rice crackers, carrots snd feta cheese.

Dinner was chicken tetrazzini, I had to substitute white wine vinegar for white wine but it still tasted good. Green beens with sauteed cashew nuts, rice and salad. Dessert will be the same as yesterday.

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