Meals 136 – 141, gardening and baking


I collected another bounty from the garden. Silver beet, radishes, green beans, broccoli , and yes, we still have tomatoes! I thinned and transplanted spinach, tomato and carrot seedlings.

Maybe we’ll have rabbit. I’ve set snares around the compound.

We had the usual for breakfast with yummy yogurt. I’ve been stirring in a little jam for my sweet tooth.

Lunch was lasagna.

Dinner was grilled chicken, rubbed with garam masala and marinated in yogurt. It was served with a vegetable medley, and scalloped potatoes. Dessert was apple pie with the last of the ice cream.


Today (Sunday) I made english muffins for breakfast and made another batch of yogurt.

Lunch was a chicken sandwich with cucumbers for me. Tim had lasagna again. Tonight we had grilled steak with caramelized (slightly burnt and sweet) carrots with the leftover potatoes. Tim had pie for dessert.


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