Meals 130 – 135, another party

This may actually be the true halfway point because we will be here for 90 days with three meals a day for a total of 270 meals on the island. I’ll take a midway inventory today.

The 23rd was tim’s birthday. I didn’t invite tom.
We had french toast for breakfast.
Lunch was tomato soup for me and leftovers for Tim.
Dinner was grilled lamb, marinated in garlic, oil, and mustard, with green beans and carrots and brown rice.

Dessert was peach upside down cake and strawberry ice cream!


Yesterday I had leftover pancakes for breakfast. Tim had his usual.

Lunch was leftover tomato soup and toast for me Tim had lamb and mashed potatoes and cleaned up the rest of the leftovers

I made fresh semolina pasta for dinner. I defrosted some tomato sauce and meatballs and made up the lasagna. We had it was a green salad and apple pie for dessert.

There’s nothing easier then homemade pasta. I just use semolina flour, usually a cup for two people, a little salt and warm water and knead it into a dough, let it sit for half an hour and then roll it out and cut it up. It really doesn’t take longer than cooking dried pasta.


One response to “Meals 130 – 135, another party

  1. I always use olive oil in my pasta, will have to try it without it next time.

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