Chicken not pot pie, meals 121 – 126


Monday was back to work. I headed off with the gang to Garden Cove for more sea spurge eradication. First a little garden work, which included escorting a fairly stiff rat out of the garden.

Breakfast was, I forget, either pancakes and bacon or the usual.

Lunch was cheddar and tomato in a rice wrap for me and Tim had perhaps the last of the chicken salad. We were out of bread so I made two more loaves of white bread.

Dinner was not chicken pot pie, but almost. I cooked onions, carrots and silver beet in broth, added the leftover gravy, dried peas and chicken and heated it through. I made a batch of buttered noodles and served them together. I didn’t have it in me to make biscuit topping. When I got back from weeding, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies, two loaves of bread, yogurt and ginger beer. We had the last of the layer cake for dessert. Kitchen closed.

Tuesday was the usual, I made a yogurt smoothie, for breakfast.

Tim had a BLT for lunch. I almost forgot to eat because I was teaching myself a new backstrap weaving technique, but I grabbed a pizza crust slice at about 3:30.

I made true cup cakes for dessert from The Lighthouse Cookbook. Two cakes microwaved in coffee cups. They weren’t bad. The chocolate chips were a treat, all melted together in the bottom.

Oh yes, dinner. I STILL HAVE TOMATOES. I made a soup with a bunch and used the rest for one of my favorite comfort foods, sloppy joes. I browned chopped meat, add the sauce and a hefty dose of mustard and let it simmer for about 20 minutes. I first made this recipe when I was about ten years old from my Betty Crocker Junior Cookbook. Nice memories.


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