Dinner with the neighbors, meals 115 – 120

Saturday was rainy and we had a slow start. Tim requested a chocolate cake. I found a recipe in the Cooks Illustrated Kindle Cookbook for chocolate cake with coffee buttercream icing, cut the recipe in half, pulled the vintage Sunbeam standing mixer and baked a cake.

Breakfast was the usual.

Lunch was chicken salad on no knead bread.

Dinner was grilled pork chops, with sauteed beets and greens and reheated brown rice and veggies. Finished with a slice of cake.


Sunday was not restful, see my post lighthouse post, but ended with dinner next door. The working bee invited us to Sunday dinner. I made a pot of potato leek soup and defrosted the bluefin tuna we were gifted, cut it into chunks, marinated it in lemon juice and pepper and grilled it in the barbecue.

So we had the usual for breakfast. Lunch on the trail, pizza, an apple and chocolate for me, and chicken salad and the same treats for Tim.

Dinner began with a grilled abalone appetizer. Then we had potato soup. Then the works: grilled tuna; grilled salmon; green salad; waldorf salad; and ratatouille. This was completed with golden syrup dumplings. What a treat. Sweet dumplings made with flour, butter, egg, and maybe sugar – or golden syrup. Boiled in a broth of sweet golden syrup, butter, and water. It was served with cream or custard. Yum!

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