Meals 112 – 114, Bobotie pizza?

I had a bit of work in the garden. I fertilized, thinned carrots and spinach and transplanted them. I fed the rats some more of their favorite treat. And I found aphids on some of the broccoli and red cabbage! Yuch! I sprayed them with soapy water but later learned a little oil mixed in is the key to suffocate them.

I mixed up a loaf of no knead bread before I headed off to the hill to pull more sea spurge.

For breakfast Tim had his usual and I had an egg with a little cheddar cheese and toast.

I finished up the cherry tomato pie for lunch with a scone. Tim brought a steak sandwich to his job site.

I made a pizza for dinner and it turned out beautifully. I have to confess the meat sauce was comprised of the last of the bobotie but it worked for me.


One response to “Meals 112 – 114, Bobotie pizza?

  1. Bobotie pizza sounds like the best kind of pizza to me. Great blog!

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