Meals 106 – 111


We’re past the one-third part if our stay. Provisions are holding up. Tim needs more aspirin because he’s nervous about Tom. I might need more baking powder. Other than that, we have too much canned tomatoes because I wasn’t informed there were ten tomato plants producing a kazillion tomatoes every day; too much jam (I may have gotten confused with grams and ounces); maybe too much brown rice, but there’s a rice cooker that makes it too easy; and maybe too many potatoes. I have big plans for them though – potato chips and vichyssoise.

So I worked pulling invasive plants on a steep hill yesterday but still had time to cook and eat. We had the usual for breakfast.

Tim worked on the lighthouse road and we both packed lunches. He finished the tuna, I had PB&J, with an apple and Toblerone. I bought a four pack of Toblerone in the duty free shop on our flight here and it has certainly come in handy.

Dinner was delicious grilled steak, green beans and mashed potatoes with apple crisp for dessert.

I made a batch of craison, walnut scones for snacks and yogurt.

We took today off and ate well.
We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast.

Tim had tomato pie for lunch. I had PB@J again.

Dinner was superb. I roast a chicken because we had time at home. I made pan gravy, brown rice, sauteed silverbeet with gleaned lettuce, and a medley of carrots, green beans, radishes and cucumber, all from the garden. It was finger licking good. Dessert was baked tapioca custard with cinnamon.

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