Working Bee, meals 103 – 105


I went off and pulled an invasive plant, sea spurge, from Garden Cove this morning with the “weedies”. It didn’t leave much time to cook.

We had for breakfast, the usual, with soy linseed toast and a bagel.

Lunch on the go was tuna salad on toast with an apple and square of chocolate for me. Tom took a donut from the freezer, plus a sandwich.

Dinner was inspired. I had to finish the filo dough and we still have tomatoes on the vine! Not too many, one remaining cherry tomato plant. So I made a modified spinach pie. No spinach. Instead I mixed feta ( spelled fetta here) cheese, a little leftover brie, sliced cherry tomatoes, 2 eggs, a bit of flour, salt, pepper and parsley and scooped that on between the layers. The dough was dried out but still pieced together, and finished beautifully. I thinly sliced cucumbers, I can’t give them away fast enough, with onion, radish, white wine vinegar, salt, and pepper for a salad. Steamed green beans completed the plate. For dessert we had rhubarb-apple crisp with a little vanilla ice cream. Mmmm.

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