Meals 100 – 102, stout!

It’s been a month and was time to test the stout. We did. And it was good. Good, not great, but definitely good with a little foamy head.


We’re enjoying the soy linseed bread. It’s sold as a mix in AU. I didn’t like the way it turned out in the bread machine so put it away and kneaded this batch by hand. It worked.

I gave away the last piece (and one for Tim) of the apple cake to the Ranger who stopped by for a visit.

I made another batch of yogurt. I’m finally on a roll with careful temperature control.

So we had the usual with soy linseed bread. I have too much jam and have been stirring a little into my morning yogurt

Grilled cheese and tomato for lunch on soy linseed bread, followed by a square of dark chocolate.
And leftover bobotie and brown rice with arugula and radish salad. This was completed with vanilla ice cream.

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