Gleaning, meals 94 – 99

We’ve become gleaners. It’s sort of like island dumpster diving. Sailors headed home have more food – or beer, or chocolate – than they need and leave it with us. Visitors leave an unopened pack of rice bread and a box of wine with two glasses of wine still in it. Waste not want not. There was an abandoned, rusty camera case left hanging on the wall. I raided it for its strap and hardware.

So yesterday we had the usual for breakfast with fresh bagels. I made a dense Italian apple cake and shared it with the latest group of kayakers.

For lunch we had egg salad on toast with rocket. I had pickles and Tim had potato chips. Ok I had a few potato chips too. I’m overrun with cucumbers. I made a large jar of pickles but it’s not enough. I harvest 5 a day. I looked up cucumber recipes and too many require alcohol to turn them into a cooling beverage.

For dinner, I used those gleaned rice sheets. I cut them into strips and wrapped them around carrots, CUCUMBERS, silver beet and scallions with soy sauce and ginger. Then I fried the little triangles and served them with soy sauce. To top it off, I made fried rice with leftover rice, a pork chop, CUCUMBERS, carrots, silver beet, and an egg.

Today we had the usual. My yogurt batches using yogurt as a starter are turning out well. I think it’s all about sterilizing the milk and killing any bacteria, and keeping the mixture at the ideal temperature.

Lunch was leftovers.

Dinner was grilled lamb chops, marinated in mustard, balsamic vinegar, oil and rosemary. It was accompanied with potato pancakes and mustard, and green beans. For dessert, it’s apple cake and ICE CREAM!

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