Meals 88 – 93, on our own


We said goodbye to the group of walkers from Tasmania and headed off for a walk to Squally Cove.

We had the usual for breakfast and leftovers for lunch: hummus and crackers for me. My last batch of ginger beer was a smashing success. The Easter Bunny found us and we’ve been snacking on chocolate.

Dinner was grilled pork chops with applesauce, peas and potato latkes. Dessert was oatmeal cookies.

Breakfast was toast and yogurt. Lunch was sausage and pasta for Tim. I had a fresh bagel with melted cheese and tomato.

Dinner was Bobotie, a South African meat stew. I relied in a combination of two recipes and improvised a lot. It was awesome. I served it with brown rice and raita. Tim opened a pack of Tim Tams because he finished the apple pie for lunch.

I substituted canned peaches for apricots, mixed dried fruit for raisins, apple cider vinegar for wine. I’ve never had it before so don’t know what it’s supposed to taste like but my version was delicious.

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