Meals 64 – 66, kugel pudding


I saved over a hundred recipes to my kindle for our first trip to Deal Island. I wanted something different for dessert last night and found a recipe for apple noodle kugel. I have apples, noodles, yogurt and eggs and made it.

I guess a kugel is a cross between a cake and pudding. It’s firm enough to cut but the only flour is from the egg noodles, which are cooked and mixed with the batter. We worked hard, were hungry and it was delicious.

Breakfast: buttermilk pancakes, applesauce and apple juice.

Lunch: the gazpacho is finally gone. I ate it with a toasted bagel. Tim had chicken salad on toast. I chopped up a few of the new pickles and mixed them in, southern style. Yum.

Dinner: I intended to saute sausages with onions, potatoes and silverbeet but I added some bouillon and water and turned it into a Portugese style soup. It was delicious and filling as the wind picked up. The kugel topped it off.

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