Birthdate party, two day catch up, meals 67 – 72


Two days in one. It’s been busy.

I made a batch of Anzac biscuits for a group of visitors. Then it was my birthday and I made half a buttermilk layer cake with strawberry jam filling and chocolate buttercream frosting. Mmmm.

I made another batch of yogurt and a loaf of no knead bread.

Thursday breakfast: oatmeal and the usual with white bread toast.

Leftovers for lunch. Pasta for me and chicken and rice for Tim.

Dinner: Fettuccine Alfredo with peas. Rocket (arugula) greens on the side. Tim had kugel (too many noodles for me) and I had an Anzac biscuit.

Friday, somebody had a birthday. It was me! So we had cake.

Oatmeal and the usual for breakfast

Leftover sausage and potatoes for lunch.

Dinner began with wine and Bickie’s (?) on the jetty. Meal names confuse me here. Tea may or may not mean a meal. Brekkie for breakfast. Bickies was new to me. A lovely group on a motto yacht invited us down to the cove for wine and Bickies. We clarified they weren’t eating dinner on the jetty, so I left the cake behind. I brought my version of bickies: cheese and crackers and a bottle of beer.

After appetizers, Tim and I climbed the hill back home where we had grilled lamb chops, beets and greens and peas. I messed up the dehydrated peas. But the birthday cake made from scratch was a smashing success.



One response to “Birthdate party, two day catch up, meals 67 – 72

  1. I’m not a big cake guy but this one was ridiculous! Lynne hates it when I call “no knead” bread, ghetto bread. She feeds me so well!!!!!!!

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