A lunar eclipse after meals 73 – 75

I gardened for a few hours today. I thinned and transplanted carrot, rocket and broccoli seedlings, fed the rats and watered the garden. I made a second batch of yogurt from a mix that had berries in it. Not sure it will work. The second batch of ginger beer was better. Still not totally fizzing though.

Breakfast: the usual x 2

Lunch: Tim had leftovers, I grilled the no knead, rustic bread with oil and garlic and spooned chopped tomatoes and romano cheese on top. Yum.

Dinner: I defrosted and cut up a whole chicken. I made shake and bake with all but the breasts. I boned and skinned them and am saving them for
another night. I poached the carcass to cook meat for chicken salad. A bounty.

We also had green beans and steamed silverbeet from the garden and a carrot raisin salad. All topped off with a Pinot Noir from Tasmania (one of two bottles we brought) and another slice and a half of birthday cake.


One response to “A lunar eclipse after meals 73 – 75

  1. Lynne’s “shake and bake” is home made, not the kind in a package.

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