Meals 55 – 57, garden work


The garden continues to produce. 6 tomato plants have ceased to exist but about 6 more are still bearing fruit. I see pickles and more sauce in my future.

I cleared a couple of beds and planted another batch of beets, carrots, green beans, broccoli, butter beans, mustard greens. I protected the plants and seedlings from the 70 knot winds we had the other day but they still got tossed around a bit.

Breakfast: we both had Tim’s usual with canned peaches for fruit. I saved some yogurt and started another batch in the thermos.

Lunch: leftover spaghetti and meatballs for me, pizza and potato chips for Tim. He’s such a healthy eater. We’ve been topping off every lunch with a square of dark chocolate.

Dinner: gnocchi with butter and sage, steak and sauteed white radishes and greens. I use a recipe from for gnocchi. Buono! Donuts for dessert.

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