49 – 51, guests for tea

There have been two groups of kayakers and a sailboat marooned on the adjacent island waiting for a weather window. The gale winds kept them there. Today they all hopped aboard the sailboat and motored over to Deal Island. We watched their progress, taking waves over the bow and heeling 30 degrees, without any sail up. So I defrosted a batch of Anzac cookies and set the kettle on.

Breakfast, I had eggs and a bagel, Tim…need I say more. I used the yogurt from this morning as a starter for my next batch.

Lunch was leftover lamb and couscous for Ti, while I had peanut butter with an apple and piece of bread.

Tea and Anzac biscuits.

Dinner was gazpacho (have I mentioned we have heaps of tomatoes) with cucumbers, spring onions, onion, red pepper and chives, all from the garden. We also had scotch filet, which is a cut of beef, and boiled beets. I reheated the apple rhubarb crisp for dessert.

In preparation for future days, I made a batch of ginger beer.


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