Meals 43 – 45 and tomato talk


More tomatoes! They are nearing the end of the harvest but it’s hard to keep up. We have no chance of developing scurvy with all this vitamin c. Cucumbers are making a big show too. I see gazpacho in our future. But for now, more soup. I’ve gotten quite lazy. I just sauté some onions, toss in chopped tomatoes. I don’t peel or seed them; add salt, pepper, red pepper, this time I tried a little cinnamon and sugar and simmer away. When it’s done, I purée it all with the immersion blender and it’s ready. Couldn’t be simpler.

I had to catch up and make another batch of yogurt. I make the first batch with a mix in the yogurt maker, then use the yogurt as a starter for the next batch. For some reason, my last batch failed. I think the yogurt may have been too cool. We’ll see. It’s all about the right incubation temperature. I even brought a wide mouth thermos from home to do this.

And I made another loaf of no knead bread because it will become bruschetta.

So for today, breakfast was eggs, bacon and bagels since we didn’t have yogurt. We continue to enjoy our fresh squeezed oj.

Lunch was tomato soup with toast. Tim had some leftover sausage and peppers.

We took a late walk to the lighthouse, which takes about 2 hours so dinner was quick. Grilled lamb chops, beets, couscous and fresh salad with radish greens, radishes, silver beet, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, raisins and sunflower seeds.

We topped it off with the rest of the self saucing pudding.



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