It’s the weekend, let’s make soup, meals 31 – 33


We may be nearing the end of the tomato harvest. I made another batch of sauce and tomato soup. I checked the stout’s specific gravity and it looks like it’s ready to be bottled, when I’m ready to sterilize the bottles.

We had a group of walkers who arrived in a large catamaran, after a rather bumpy ride. They were very excited when they saw the sign for the Two Balls Cafe and wanted to know when it would be open.

We had the usual yogurt with mango, English muffin for breakfast.

Tomato soup with feta cheese and rice crackers for lunch.

We gathered at the “cafe” for a barbecue with a group of sailors returning to The Lakes after spending the summer in Hobart. We enjoyed a home brew and crackers and brie then returned up the hill for an omelette with chicken, sundries tomatoes, feta and beet greens with English muffins. We opened another pack of Tim Tams for dessert.

Add tomato soup and two balls photo

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