Living off my leftovers, meals 27-29

I had an easy day today. I made a batch of yogurt in the morning with the Easyio maker and that’s it.

We ate our usual breakfasts, yogurt, english muffin, toast, egg.

I had some chile for lunch, the heat cooled a bit and Tim finished the chicken pot pie.

I made fresh pasta, rolled it out and cut into rounds for ravioli with silverbeet, chicken and feta cheese.

I miss my Atlas pasta roller. It took a lot of muscle to roll the dough thin. I make a semolina dough by feel. A little salt and just the right amount of warm water. Knead and let it sit wrapped for 30 minutes.

We finished the upside down cake for dessert with chamomile tea.

I checked the stout’s specific gravity and it looks good. I think I achieved 5.4% alcohol by volume. I’ll check it again in two days to see if it’s done fermenting so I can safely bottle it.



The kit was here including a strap heater. I think the heater made all the difference because it’s been fairly cool and may have been much slower to ferment. We’ll know in a few weeks.

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