Sunday and Monday, March 15 and 16, meals 15 – 20


Today I made Anzac biscuits, a new favorite of Tim’s. They’re a delicious cookie made with essence of coconut, flour, oats, butter, brown sugar, golden syrup and baking soda, but without eggs. It’s a miracle. I used the recipe from The Lighthouse Cookbook.

For breakfast, we had scrambled eggs, bacon and popovers for breakfast. The popovers were a little dense but still good.

Tomato soup (the garden keeps ripening tomatoes) and popovers and cheese.

Dinner included cheeseburgers with lettuce and tomato on fresh white bread, green beans and a baked potato. Tim had rhubarb-apple crisp for dessert. I’m watching my girlish figure.

Internet has been poor, so this post is a twofer. I was relatively a slacker today but I finished my merino – mohair throw blanket.

Breakfast was our usual – yogurt with fruit (apples and kiwis), toast, oj, tea and coffee.

We were helping a group leave the island and ate a fast lunch. Tim had grilled cheese with tomato, on scrumptious, fresh white bread and tomato soup. I had brown rice salad with greens and tomatoes.

Dinner topped it all. Roast chicken with mashed potatoes, carrots, corn and gravy, yum. Now I have the fixings for soup and sandwiches. More of that tomorrow.

One response to “Sunday and Monday, March 15 and 16, meals 15 – 20

  1. That looks pretty tasty.

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