Day 5, meals 12, 13 and 14

We didn’t have good internet yesterday and I may have forgotten what we ate. Let’s see.

I made a batch of yogurt with some starter from the second batch in my thermos and it turned out creamy smooth. I worked in the garden for a few hours turning over beds, continuing to harvest tomatoes and planning and planting. So far, I sowed carrots, tomatoes, peas, green beans, butter beans and parsnips.

We ate yogurt and pears for breakfast, toast, coffee, tea, OJ.

Lunch was DELicious BLT’s with salt and vinegar chips and a tim tam.

Dinner was baked chicken thighs, beets with greens and brown rice, made in a rice cooker.

It’s funny that I’ve learned about cooking and gadgets here. We bought our first Le Creuset pot after I cooked with one here all summer. I mastered bread baking. And now a rice cooker. Here’s a gadget I haven’t figured out. Any ideas.


It looks like there may be a missing electron attachment. As it is, it didn’t strain tomatoes well.

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