Leftovers for meals 9, 10 and 11

I was busy today, didn’t start anything new in the kitchen, and we ate leftovers. I continued to harvest lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers and spring onions.

I turned over two beds and mixed in blood and bone fertilizer and compost in preparation for tomorrow’s planting.

For breakfast we had yogurt and canned pears (I love canned pears), fresh toast and tea, coffee and juice.

Lunch included carrot-ginger soup with sunflower seeds, toast and a dark chocolate Tim Tam.

Dinner was a repeat from last night with some sun dried tomatoes added to the sauce and garlic croutons, from the last of the soy linseed bread, added to the green salad.

Pears for dessert for me and apple pie for Tim. We saw this wallaby snacking on stinging nettles on our walk to Winter Cove. Three days later, my encounter with stinging nettles is just starting to feel better!

He’s actually holding a bunch in his paws.

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