On a roll, meals 6,7 and 8


I’m falling into the cooking rhythm. Today I made carrot ginger soup from yesterday’s harvest and a pot of tomato sauce. I used yogurt as a starter for the next batch.

There’s a simple yogurt maker I may have to buy on my way home. It gets the right temperature by using boiling water around the yogurt jar and insulating it in a plastic container. Elegant.

I made 4 hour, no-knead bread, which is one of my favorites, for a hearty, crusty loaf. And most importantly, I have a batch of stout brewing.

And we ate.

I had a mango yogurt smoothie for breakfast with a piece of soy linseed toast.

For lunch, I finished tuna and Tim had grilled cheese and tomato. We both topped it off with a dark chocolate Tim Tam. Yum.

Dinner was spaghetti with sausage and fresh sauce with a lettuce, tomato cucumber salad and apple pie.

I better keep taking lots of walks.


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