The perfect snickerdoodle, 247-249

I’m close. I share these cookies as the quintessential New England cookie. The recipe is taken from Cooks Illustrated for Kindle. People liken it to the local Anzac biscuit, but Anzacs include coconut and other ingredients. They were a staple with the Australian and New Zealand armed forces. I plan to bake a batch to try them when we get back home.


247) toast and yogurt and coffee; 248) we went out to lunch!! We were invited aboard a yacht from the Netherlands and I ate my first wallaby burger. It was good. The lovely couple have been living on the boat since 2000 and it was well set up and very sturdy. Eelco has just written a children’s book, which is about to be published in the US, Scampi the Scallop. I await its release.

249) grilled chicken breasts marinated in yogurt, with orange peel and garlic, couscous with peas and chicken broth, sauteed silver beet, beet greens and radish greens with feta cheese, rice pudding for dessert.

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