214-216, popovers that didn’t

Sometimes the deck is stacked against me. I am using frozen eggs, which are thicker than fresh eggs. I made a batch of popovers and the oven went out (as it does quite regularly) and the popovers fell flat. They were like dense, eggy biscuits. But I also made little packets from pie dough and jam that were delicious. We’re kind of like the school lunch programs, jam counts as a fruit serving.

214) yogurt and toast and coffee; 215) pasta and sauce for me, steak, potatoes and beets for Tim; 216) chicken corn chowder soup, with lots of substitutions but still very delicious. I don’t have celery, leeks (yet, they’re growing in the garden), heavy cream or stock. So I used cabbage, onions, powdered stock and powdered milk. It was surprisingly delicious. I broiled the corn first in the oven as per the Cooks Illustrated recipe. Jam pockets for dessert.

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