208-210, Lighthouse picnic

Tim decided to clear a track near the lighthouse and it was still blowing 30 knots at sea level, so we had a picnic lunch inside the lighthouse. It was so windy, we could hear the wind blowing through the lighthouse like a soda bottle, from a km away. Except for the noises, and maybe with the noises, it was very cozy inside the tower.

208) pancakes and coffee; 209) bagels, smoked gouda cheese, carrot and 2 cookies (not the tim tams yet); 210) grilled pork chops with glaze made from orange marmalade, soy sauce, oil and mustard, which I reduced after the chops were cooked, corn on the cob, which is truly ripe at last and steamed silverbeet and carrots. Cinnamon buns for dessert.

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