202-204, chicken pot pie

I took chicken out of the freezer but we’ve had a gale wind for a couple of days so no barbecuing. I was craving chicken pot pie and that’s what we had and it was really good. Since it was raining in the morning, I caught up on my baking and made two loaves of bread, a batch of bagels and chips and pretzels.


I love working with yeast. Bagels don’t rise long and the yeast isn’t proofed, it’s mixed right into the flour. Since white bread is less dense, the yeast is given a chance to get active and bubble before meeting the flour and begins with “proofing” in a bowl. I think it’s proving to me that it is still alive.

202) french or german toast and coffee; 203) tuna on fresh white bread with lettuce and tomatoes on the side; 204) chicken pot pie, with carrots, corn, beet greens, onions and potatoes and devil’s food cake.

My garden was doing fine in the 40 knot winds until the wind changed direction and attacked the flourishing seedlings, which were swirling with the breeze. I set up barriers around them to block some of the wind and hope the barriers themselves don’t crush the seedlings. Tomatoes toppled, lettuce limped, beets bedded and corn careened.

One response to “202-204, chicken pot pie

  1. love that alliteration!!!quite clever

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