169-171, cutting back to only one dessert a day

I’ve backed off from baking two desserts a day, one for coffee break, afternoon tea or whatever and one for dinner. Enough already. So today I made a batch of snickerdoodles from the Cooks Illustrated cookbook. When I get home, or maybe even when I am on the road, if I have the right ingredients on hand, I am going to be a test cooker for Cooks Country (I think) one of the websites associated with America’s Test Kitchen, which produces Cooks Illustrated.

169) oatmeal and coffee, with yogurt; 170) grilled cheese sandwich (with pea soup for Tim); 171) grilled lamb chops, sauteed shredded zucchini, carrots and kohlrabi, brown rice, snickerdoodles.

Here’s a garden update in photos. We have a crazy dwarf bean plant. It is producing beans even though it’s only 6 inches tall. The beans are as tall as the entire plant.

Bunch of carrots P2060162.JPG  Dwarf beans

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