166-168, The second batch of beer is ready

We tried the “Blonde” beer we bottled a couple of weeks ago. This batch had some issues. I wanted to fortify it but didn’t have any dextrose so added raw sugar to it. This caused it to ferment for about a week longer than expected. Then, I didn’t have enough of the packaged sterilizer to clean the bottles so I used boiled water. Our water, from roof tanks, may not be too clean to begin with and I hope boiling did the trick.

So we sat and enjoyed a glass together. Even though I added the right amount of sugar or carbonation drops, it didn’t hold a head too long. When I drank a bit, it continued to fizz in my mouth. While it wasn’t sweet, it reminded me of fortified cider. But in the end, it did pack a little punch.

166) yogurt and english muffin, right on to biscotti snack and coffee; 167) pea soup and corn bread; 168) leftover pasta and meatloaf, fresh beans. Chocolate for dessert.

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