163-165, Tea off island

Rain was predicted for today and it came with a vengeance. When I went to hang the flag this morning, I saw a beautiful wooden boat in the harbor. Then I saw the passengers on the grass near the museum. Melbourne’s SV Enterprize anchored here and the passengers and crew came ashore. Then they invited us on board and entertained us with tea and cheesecake. She is a beautiful boat, a replica of an 1800’s cargo ship made only with authentic materials: huon pine, recycled timbers and flax sails from Scotland.

After getting thoroughly drenched on our dinghy ride back to the dock, I went into a cooking frenzy. Cheddar cheese crackers. I got the recipe off the internet and I think it may have been missing a liquid ingredient. I added a little water and they were pretty tasty. Next I made a batch of English Muffins and while they look and taste great, I still have not achieved the little nooks and crannies made famous by Thomas’s. I’m still working on it. Then meatloaf and semolina pudding for dessert.

163) pancakes for me with coffee and oj; 164) warm steak salad with wilted lettuce, zuchhini, grilled onions and carrots in a vinagrette dressing; 165) glazed meatloaf from Cook’s Illustrated website, glazed carrots and beets, mashed potatoes, semolina pudding for dessert.

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