152-153, Please send snacks

P1300142.JPG We need snacks. We have one bar of chocolate left and two small packages of chocolate chips, which I am trying to save for cookies. We’ve finished the crackers. My attempt at potato chips wasn’t successful, the crispy ones burnt and the non-burnt ones were soggy. I couldn’t find a recipe but used part of the bagel recipe to form pretzels. I thought the process was similar because I made them at least once with the kids. Pretzels are boiled in baking soda water while bagels are boiled in sugar water. So off I went. Then I tried different sizes, the smaller crisp ones and the larger, NY street vendor or maybe even Auntie Em’s. They were a success and are half gone. Now I have to work on crackers. None of these last long so I’ll have to keep on top of it.


152) kefir and toast and coffee; 153) sausage, silverbeet and cabbage soup (not as bad as it sounds) with fresh bagels; 154) pasta with cream (milk), peas, mint and cheese; green salad, coffee ice cream for dessert.

We found the freezing component to an ice cream maker but not stirring paddles or lid. We looked at it for the first half of the trip and have now put it to work with two batches of yummy ice cream, strawberry and coffee.

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