111-113, Cook’s night off, really

We were enjoying coffee this morning when I spied a boat heading this way from Erith Island. The Erith Mob was coming for a visit! I whipped together a batch of scones and am happy to report that canned peaches, chopped up, are a nice addition to scones with some grated orange peel, ginger and cinnamon tossed in for good measure. They had called before coming out and brought a couple of needed supplies-Johnny Walker and Nescafe.

Tim made dinner tonight while I spent the afternoon touching up the lighthouse stairs.

I’m a little concerned that it has been over a week and my beer brew (with added sugar for max alcohol content) is still bubbling, albeit the rate has slowed a bit.

111) yogurt and half bagel and coffee, peach scone for snack; 112) cheese sandwich with salad on toast and slaw as a side; 113) daddy’s special: hamburger, couscous and green beans with another scone to top it off.

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