99-101, Beer’s bubbling and pudding sauces itself

It took a day or two to get started but the beer is underway and fermenting away.

Here’s a link to an exciting video of beer fermenting (Tim likens it to watching grass grow). Our visitors are stranded here for at least four days so there will be plenty of baking and cooking this week. Yesterday I baked two loaves of bread, made coleslaw, cookies and potato salad. We’ll see what today brings. So far, I am baking two loaves of whole wheat bread.

96) yogurt and jam, bread, coffee 97) veggie soup and bread; we went out for afternoon tea aboard sv Mustang Sally. Very nice with piklitts, pineapple, oranges and tea; 98) risotto and chile, self saucing chocolate pudding for dessert.

I never heard of self saucing pudding but it was immediately recognized by the boys next door. It’s the wierdest technique. You mix a cake like mixture, then sprinkle cocoa powder and lots of sugar on top then pour boiling water over the whole thing before baking. There was actually chocolate pudding at the bottom of the cake. I’m sold.

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