93-95, Too windy to grill

I spent yesterday cleaning the outdoor bbq but it’s too windy today. There have been gusts to 40 knots so we’re cooking inside. It was so windy last night, I was up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night and made up for it with a nice long nap today.

93) yogurt and pears, bread, coffee; 94) cheerios (prenap) 95) shepherd’s pie from the Cooks Illustrated Kindle book, steamed broccoli from the garden and apple rhubarb crisp.

One response to “93-95, Too windy to grill

  1. thought of you in the Price Chopper today when in the kosher food section i saw TamTams, don’t know if they are like TimTams but thought of you(they looked like matzo crackers)

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