90-92, Time to brew the next batch of beer

We’ve drunk the first seven bottles of stout, which should free up the bottles I need when the next batch of beer is ready in a week (if we drink 8 more bottles over the week). I don’t think I added enough sugar during the carbonation stage of the first batch. I used carbonation drops but just learned they are for bottle half the size I used. So I will add more sugar during carbonation and I am going to preload with more sugar at the beginning of the batch in an attempt to boost the alcohol content. Mad scientist at work. It was a windy day but mission accomplished.

90) french toast for tim and gluten free pancakes for me, oj and coffee; 91) leftover chicken korma for me, steak and potatoes for Tim; 92) pork chops in orange soy sauce, brown rice, carrots and green beans, carrot cake for Tim.

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