December 21, 2010

Breakfast: (36) semolina cereal with the last mango, oj and coffee, Lunch (37) split pea soup with soy linseed bread, Dinner (38) macaroni and cheese, fresh salad, snickerdoodles

Today I planted another seven veggies, which should ripen in time for us to harvest: carrots, snap beans, silver beet, chinese cabbage, radishes,  and capsicum.  I made another batch of yogurt and kept it warm in the oven with a cozy. The bread was from a mix and I made it in the machine while we mowed the trails.  I first ate this on the Overland Track when a guide met us on the trail and shared some with us.  I liked Liz’s snickerdoodles very much and tried a batch after dinner.  The beer is set up in a cool place for the next two weeks and then…it’s a good thing because we definitely underestimated the wine.

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