The first days, December 9-17

December 17: 24) pancakes/french toast and oj and coffee (we’re never going to drink all the coffee we brought); 25): apple/celery/raisins and peanut butter for me; chicken salad for Tim; 26) grilled lamb chops with mint, potatoes from the garden (I think I just plant potatoes, no seeds), fresh peas and salad, toll house cookies

December 16: 21)Yogurt with mango, oj and coffee; raisin scones; 22)leftover pizza and pasta; 23) tikka massala, rice and broccoli, apple pie

Chicken tikka masalla, broccoli and rice

December 15: 18) yogurt with kiwi, oj and coffee; 19)whole wheat pizza with meat and spaghetti; Pizza 20)(ready for takeout) pasta with peas, mint and cream sauce, salad, apple pie

December 14: 15)greek yogurt and mango with oj and coffee; 16)broccoli quiche with carrots and celery; 17)potato pancakes, applesauce, kohlrab and apple slaw; banana bread with frozen yogurt

Cheese broccoli quiche

December 13; 12) Steel cut oats, mango and coffee 13) leftover chicken parmesan and spaghetti; 14: Hamburger/cheeseburger on english muffin, cole slaw, beets and ice cream

December 12: 9)french toast and oj; 10)tuna salad on white toast 11) broccoli quiche

December 11: 6) buttermilk (failed yogurt) pancakes, mango, oj and coffee. 7) warm steak and cheese over salad greens and vinagrette, 8) pork chops with orange soy sauce, fresh peas and mint, baby carrots and warm white bread followed by a slice of banana bread (and all this is consumed in paradise)

December 10: 3)Breakfast: scrambled eggs, toast, coffee and fresh OJ. 4) oops don’t look; cereal for lunch. 5) Chicken parmesan, spaghetti and a fresh salad from the garden

December 9, arrival: 1)Lunch: grilled cheese and carrots. Dinner: 2) Grilled steak on the barby, israeli couscous and peas from the garden followed by the best apple pie I have ever made.

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